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Apple offers free replacement program for defective iPhone 5 batteries

I purchased mine in November 2012 and began having problems with it in December 2013. It was shutting off, battery level dropping down to 32% and than turning off. I tried to restore to an old back up which didn't help thinking I had a corrupt something or the other updating OTA. The restore to a previous backup didn't work, nor did a restore to "new"

Finally brought it in this year (May) to the Apple Store and came out with a new replacement-no charge. I was pleased with the service and haven't had problems since!

Happy that you are going to get a replacement too! :)
Same problem here, went to Verizon a few months ago, no help. Finally got a new battery at a non apple store, battery life was much better, but the battery meter would only change when I turned the phone off then back on. Found out about the battery recall today and called apple, they won't do anything because I used a non apple replacement. So they admit there is a battery problem, but wait forever before issuing a recall!
My initial battery life was great until the iOS 7 update I installed last September. Struggled ever since, finally replaced the battery beginning of this month.
OP is lucky, no help from Apple at all. I got a replacement from Amazon in the end, works like a charm.
The iPhone 5 units that qualify for the free battery replacement are all early production units in a specified serial number range. If the iPhone qualifies, the defective battery will be replaced free of charge even if the regular warranty has expired. This program will last until March 2015.

Here's where to go to see if an iPhone 5 qualifies for the program. iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program - Apple Support
So... I was eligable for this free replacement deal. However, mStore (official Apple support partner) said it would take them 2 weeks to fix it. They also suggested other official options, which still would take at least a week. What a bunch of Edited It's a BATTERY REPLACEMENT.

Guess I'll just have to cough up the dough to my local, unauthorized service station who can fix it in 5 min. Edited.....
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Evelyn93....I had to edit your post, Please mind your language, This is a family forum.
Thank You.