Apple is Still 2 Years Ahead in 3D Sensor Technology

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    Android companies are still 2 years behind Apple in terms of Face ID tech.JPG

    According to a report on Reuters today, most Android phones will not have 3D-sensing features on a par with Apple’s Face ID tech until 2019. The news comes via three major parts producers, Viavi Solutions, Finisar Corp and Ams AG. This means that Samsung and other Android Apple rivals continue to lag behind in a technology that will make Apple billions in revenue over the next couple of years, and would have made them the same, if only they had it ready.

    This is the first time in a while that Apple’s rivals have been so far behind in terms of technology. When the fingerprint sensor was first unveiled on the iPhone 5s in September 2013, Samsung was able to come out with something very similar for the Galaxy S5 in the following April.

    Research house Gartner said that by 2021, 40% of smartphones will have 3D cameras for use not just in security, but also for augmented reality (AR) purposes such as those introduced in Pokémon Go.

    “This kind of functionality is going to be very important for AR,” said Gartner analyst Jon Erensen. “I think that is something where you don’t want to get left behind.”

    Source: Apple grabs two-year lead in 3D sensing race

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