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App deletion and reinstallment behavior (feature?)


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Oct 23, 2013
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Florence, AL
Some time back, I began noticing a difference in the two ways of deleting and reinstalling apps on the iPhone. I don't recall just when I first noticed it. But I've not seen it mentioned on any forum or tech site. It may have been new with iOS 7. I'm not sure. Here's the behaviors: App 1 is deleted from the screen by tapping the X in the upper left corner of the icon. When reinstalled, it is placed on the screen as a new app would be. App 2 is deleted from the Usage section in Settings. When reinstalled, it is placed where it was before deletion. Even if it had been in a folder. Anyone else notice this? I'm guessing most delete apps by tapping the X. If so, then they don't see it drop back in the same spot if reinstalled. Just an observation that might be useful to some. :)
Well then that actually makes 3 ways to install and remove apps. The third being through iTunes...

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