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Anyone not using screen protector?


Jul 11, 2010
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Didn't have anything on my previous iPhones nor on the iPad, but iPhone 6 seems fragile. I have a clear plastic case on it now, but not a screen protector. Anyone prefers no screen protector on your iPhones? thanks
The Otterbox case I use on my iPhone has a built in screen protector but I've never used a separate screen protector for any of my iPhones.
I guess most use screen protector, might not be a bad idea.
Never have and don't feel a need to.

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I always do, Don't believe in taking risks with my expensive device.
No screen protector on my previous 4 & current 4s. I will be upgrading to a 6 plus soon and will most likely not use one on that either. I do use a case on them all.
I've never used a screen protector on a phone.. any phone. I feel they're a waste of time and serve simply as a way for people to make money on something that isn't really needed.
iPhone 4s and now a 5s and never used a screen protector. Also, only use a thin bumper case. I'm pretty good about taking care of my phone. Never had a problem.
Like the question on should you use a case this again comes under the the heading of Accidents can happen.
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It feels pretty good without screen protector, but I have at least a plastic case on it, little protection.
I haven't yet, but if I do, it'll be the glass type.
Never liked them and I don't use them.

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I ALWAYS use a screen protector. Even the one I have now is cracked, but its better than replacing the whole screen
Better to be safe than sorry is my way of thinking.