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Is it true the Spigen glass screen protector is a small/bad fit for the iphone 6 4.7"???

Jason Mase

Sep 17, 2014
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london, London
I have been told by two people who love there Iphone as much as me and have bought there iphone 6 also there Spigen glass screen protector however they have been disappointed this year round as the glass screen is a small fit for the iphone 6 4.7". If others who have purchased please speak in this forum, so we know whether it any point of us to purchase it if this is the case, i will try to get pictures for this ASAP.
The screen has curved edges, a flat glass protector would not follow the radius on the edges. This is why it is smaller than the entire screes size...
Haven't try Spigen instead I have Skinomi Tech Glass screen protector. The glass is relatively smaller than the screen but so far it's good, it complement with the secondary case I bought from e-bay.