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Another boring bumper question


Jun 20, 2010
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A week or so ago I saw someone selling a bumper for the iphone4 that looked the style of an offroad tire. Sounds awful, but it was actually pretty cool. I can not remember where I saw this. Does anyone out there know about this bumper? A link? Does anyone actually have this bumper? If so, does it seem good quality?
Does this look like the right one?


iPhone 4 Silicone Case, Vroom Case for iPhone 4 by Case-mate
A quick video on the case:

Does this look like the right one?

Heck no that doesn't look like the right one, but I actually like yours even more! I found the one I was searching for. It is at gumdrop.com called moto skin. But they want $30 and I'm not sure. Besides, I like you're tire bumper better. Do you own one of these? Is it good quality?
Thanks Dan for the tip! I just bought one of those bumpers. $14.99 and free shipping. Sure, I could have spent a couple more bucks to get it here faster, but my iPhone isn't even going to ship for a couple more weeks. If I'm a betting man, my money says I still get the bumper before the phone. Yea, this bumper you posted is a lot better deal. And it looks great too.