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Coolest ringtones!!!


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Jul 15, 2010
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Hey a couple days ago i thought of what would be the most awesome ringtone!!! The super mario starman sound(invincibilty music)!!! Lol. Its really cool an never get bored hearing it :p and they sell it on itunes, just look it up. I dont have a computer so i cant make my own ringtone but i am getting a macbook pro next week for college :p .. So yea anyone know anything else that would make a super awesome ringtone??
Oh yea the super mario starman sound would also make a very good alarm clock sound!! :p
I personally use my own ringtone.
get Audacity (free program) and you can actually edit the song(s) u want into 1 ringtone
right now my ringtone is Hard Knock Life: Austin Powers version :D
the best method is just convert it or downloaded converted m4r and then use ssh to upload it, that way you can delete the default ring tones that are already there and you dont have an extra tab saying custom, its just all there is one place, i liked that better but refuse to jb the iphone 4.