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Coolest apps ever+things u can do on iphone!!


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Jul 15, 2010
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Ok so when i got my iphone 4 i was super obsessed with getting apps and stuff lol so i Spent a ton on apps!! And here are some of the coolest ones that arent very popular..

Awesome notes: uhh its just the best organizer app ever lol look it up in the app store!! U can do everything on it!! I think its 4bux

Ihome+Sleep: a free alarm clock that lets u use ur own music as an alarm and u can set music to listen to when u try to sleep and it will play for as long as u want then stop but i only used it once since its summer :p

Pano: AWESOMEEEE!!! this app is so cool!!! It lets u make panoramas using just ur iphone!! U take multiple pics and it stitches em all together to create one really big picture!! Its amazing i used it and its really good at stitching and makes it look like u just took one pic!! This is 2bux i think

PangeaVR: this app is especially cool for the iphone 4!! Its free...its a virtual tour app...it has really good graphics and u can push ur screen to look around and the graphics are crazy clear like u r really there!!

Imotion: lets u make stop motions on ur iphone!! Its 99c...

Nanostudio: its like a beatmaker thing for DJs or watever ..synthesizer stuff i dont really know about but its fun !! :p 15bux

I also have a buncha other awesome apps but i think those are the most unique and fun

Oh yea another cool thing u can do on iphone is...go on itunes app and search youtube...u can download abuncha "best of youtube" video podcasts with just ur iphone and it stores in ur ipod app video section...those are really crazy videos!! Also another cool thing to search is machinima..u can watch pro gamers playing or video game acting or watever it is lol

Also here are the best iphone websites i know:
Toucharcade.com: its awesome! It tells u wat the best game apps are and when games are free or on sale!!

And iphoneography.com... It tells u everything about all the photography apps on the app store and reviews and its great iif u wana know what the best photography apps are..and yep thats it

Oh yea and heres some other apps i like alot..
Free: FML, words with friends, sketchonline, type n talk, sketchbook, ebay, amazon
Paid: pictureshow, fx photo studio, photowizard, fruit ninja, app advice...also have a shizload of other apps but i never seem to use em lol

Oh yea something that everyone should know is that u can get paid apps for free!! All u have to do is sign in to the app store with the itunes account that bought the apps and then go download those apps and ull get them free!! Only problem is that u have to sign back into that acccount to update those apps..me and my friend do this so we only have to pay for it once then we share it :D i also gave some of my friends my itunes account so that they could get my apps too lol yep really long post i love my iphone!! Lol just thought id share the !!coolest!! Stuff i found out u can do on iphone that alot of people dont know about!! And my friend thinks im crazy and need to stop wasting money/looking for apps lol :p


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Jun 17, 2010
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Some neat apps. Will have to check them out.