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am i unlocked????


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Feb 2, 2015
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Quick rundown.
I have an iPhone 5 I assembled from pieces I bought on eBay. Black back, white front. Supposed to be Verizon version, so I have service with them. I also have a Nokia 1520 on Straight Talk using an AT&T sim . On a whim, I put the Straight Talk sim in the iPhone and it works. Everything works as it should , except the signal strength says 3G, but I still get 4G speed. Everything else is perfect. Does this mean I am unlocked on the iphone 5???????

If the iPhone works with a SIM card from another carrier in it, it's unlocked.
No. Straight Talk works directly off ATT without being unlocked.

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Perhaps I was not clear. It works perfectly with both Verizon, and at&t sim, even though it is Verizon branded. I am going to try borrow a friend's at&t sim to see if it will work on an at&t plan, and maybe even a t mobile sim. That should give a definitive answer. Tks
If it is a Verizon iPhone 5. It is factory unlocked. They started doing that with the 5c and newer.

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If successfully activated and shows the carrier then unlocked, else still locked.