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7 Cool Hidden Features in iOS 9


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Jul 27, 2011
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Apple's new iOS 9 has a ton of great new features, but not all of them were shown off during the press announcement. Of course, we like our readers to be as informed as possible, so we put together a basic list of just some of the cool "hidden" features you can find in Apple's latest mobile OS. Here's our quick list of 7 hidden features of iOS 9:
  1. Grouped notifications: Here's a handy feature that should have been thought of long ago. Just tap on Settings > Notifications > Group By App and turn the toggle on. From now on, notifications for the apps will be grouped in your Notification Center instead of organized and spread out by time.
  2. Search Messages - In iOS 9, you can open a search result and it will actually scroll to the correct spot while it highlights your search term.
  3. Rapid scrolling in Photos: This features lets you move through your photos faster. Now, all you need to do is tap on one of your photos to open it. You will then see a visual timeline under the image, and you can drag it around to scroll through your images.
  4. Dismiss a photo: You don't need to reach up to the top-left corner to dismiss a photo anymore. It's much easier now, because all you need to do is simply swipe down instead.
  5. Who needs a calculator?: Check this out. You can now do calculations and currency conversions right in the Spotlight search bar! You just need to swipe down in the middle of any home screen or swipe right from your first home screen to access Spotlight.
  6. Select multiple photos: You can now tap and drag to select multiple pics at once, instead of needing to tap each one down the list.
  7. Video zoom: iOS9 will now let you zoom in and out of videos while playing them. It's the same pinch gestures you use for photos and web pages.
Obviously, these are just a few of the handy new iOS 9 features that haven't been "talked up" by the marketing folks. There are easily more that we might have missed. Feel free to share any you can think of in the thread below so we can all make the best of our latest Apple upgrade.
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Sep 24, 2012
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Regina, Canada
As to number 7 it's a feature that was part of iOS a few versions ago and was dropped for some reason. It's good to see the ability to zoom a video during playback return to iOS.


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Sep 16, 2015
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I learned few things, thanks!

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