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4s not charging or turning on and not recognized by itunes


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Aug 3, 2014
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So I was given a 4s iphone from my brother who got it from a good friend. The problem is it won't turn on, charge, or be recognized by itunes. I think it's the battery is dead but maybe someone can help me. I checked when I have it plugged in to the wall I get .7v going to the battery and my battery only has the same voltage. I've had the phone plugged in overnight.any help or insight would be great. Thanks
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No one ?

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Update if anyone cares. I believe the battery to be bad so I ordered up a new one. Thanks for everyones help. I hooked up battery voltage to the phone and it turned on so thats why I think it's the battery. This site has been so much help.even the mods have helped so much I'm forever greatfull.

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You'd better to get the device to a local store for checking.
Agreed, I'd suggest a visit to your local Apple Store for a Genius Bar appointment. They can test your phone and let you know if it is the battery or if there are other problems with the phone.

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