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3G and Edge both not working on iPhone 4 suddenly


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Aug 6, 2010
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So I jailbroke with jailbreakme.com a couple weeks ago and everything was running smoothly... Until all of a suddenly this afternoon, I noticed I wasn't on the 3G network. So I rebooted several times, removed all my themes, etc.

Each time the 'E' then the '3G' show up for a couple seconds, long enough to tell me I have a text or what not, then disappear again. I can go into settings and disable 3G and enable it again, and same thing. Anyone know what might be going on?? Only new thing I really did today was mess with some theming and installed "Five Icon Dock", but that was hours ago :(

EDIT: Turns out it was a network outage. Sorry, nothing to see here folks!
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OK, I uninstalled "Five Icon Dock" just to be sure... same thing. Then I disabled 3G as soon as the phone came up and left it disabled, and that allowed Edge to stay on. Rebooted again to check, and yup, Edge is still good.

Settings->General->Network->Enable 3G again and I lose 3G after about 2 seconds as well as Edge :(
Noticed that my 3GS phone starting doing the same thing... and it's NOT jailbroken. So I called AT&T, and after having me do a bunch of stuff from her script, she tried to send me on to the next level of tech support. They told her a ticket had just come in for a 3G outage in NC and SC... so that splains things!