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iPhone 4s, Cellular data, 3g, Edge and wifi question?


Dec 10, 2012
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Hi everyone, I was thinking of getting BattSaver through cydia after watching a most detailed video on youtube. I was wondering though some things... These are kind of stupid questions for I guess everyone but I just wanted to understand better.
What exactly is 3g? I know it enables faster speed when you're on the internet but I noticed that when it's disabled also the signal seems to fade a little... was it just a bug or does the signal actually fade and I may not receive SMS messages or phone calls?
What exactly is EDGE? I noticed that when there's not enough signal EDGE comes "on" instead of 3g so I guess it's something like 3g but slower?
Wifi, 3g, EDGE and Cellular data should be the "radios" in BattSaver, is this correct? So if I would like to disable all radios, this is what would get disabled?
Thanks a lot in advance, I'll really super appreciate any help.