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Battery Saving Measures on 4S-Obervations


Jul 4, 2010
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Trying to find equivalent of my excellent 4 battery life. My rate of decline on standby on the new 4S with one or two non location based apps was just over 10% per hour. Disabled Siri and that appeared to cut in half. Just discovered I can turn cellular data off and the 3G icon disappears but I can get calls and texts, but no emails, Facebook and other alerts etc unless wifi enabled.

I presume then apple has decided no more data over 2G/Edge. I Really wish they'd give me the choice again. My office has poor signal and Edge didn't deplete too badly but 3G did. Looks like I will have to forego data and emails in poor 3G areas to save battery and keep Siri disabled when not using her.

Already have push disabled, Bluetooth off and notifications to minimum, though these weren't necessary on the 4.

Any other suggestions?