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    Help A Brother Out Please!!!!!

    i entered two remixes into a little contest. i didnt find out about said contest untill three days ago and banged out two tracks real quick. please follow these links and take a listen to both tracks Sasha - Cut Me Down(Dj101's Break4Life Remix)...
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    galaxy s owner just moved over to the iphone 4

    a little hit for the screen....go into your settings and turn it up to just over 75% the default is like 50% and untill your phone is jailbroke,it is crippled in my opinion my biggest issue is the transition animations.after speeding them up,i dont understand why apple would want there phone...
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    Can the iphone 4 connect to the internet through a home wireless router?

    most deffinatly....thats all my wife does....she never even touches her data
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    1e8517ed6a875d11d4a0f26ad8dac93a2cd2cd2ff6d is my udid ...and thank you!!!

    1e8517ed6a875d11d4a0f26ad8dac93a2cd2cd2ff6d is my udid ...and thank you!!!
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    Wooden iPhone 4 With iCarbons Dark Wood Premium Skin

    my girl has been rocking the one from and loves it. found a matching theme(one of the most complete themes ive seen) Engraved Wood HD....if you have this skin...the theme is a must!!!!! i went with the brushed looks awsome!!!!!!!! but to my disappointmtent,the skin...
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    Best HD themes

    like i said there are lots of themes put up every week...and going through the pages will be like a treasure hunt that pays off:D is that theme!!!!!!
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    Jailbreak has.... LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!!

    i cant say that i havent had any issues,but just like stated above...mostly cause i keep pushing the limits of my device learning how to do deeper and deerper customizations. i would deffinatly recomend jailbreaking and adding one,two or three what i consider essential upgrades. (there are...
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    See Through iPhone 4 Skin From

    if i can ever get over this patent black leather back.... ill get the naked stickers
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    iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S

    im happy with my phone now...but the same thing with the a5 would be sweet.....was really hoping for the 12mp camera too
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    Best HD themes

    i put this one on lastnight ,found it on pretty sure it not the i cant give credit where it is due
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    White theme?

    ive been working on a 5 page perpagehtml theme i got the beginings of off here is just one screenshot....the theme was stolen from timothy1 from someone else,not me)so i will not post the full theme. but it is easily change i photo shop
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    Lock screen clock?

    Springtomize also has the lockscreen clock hide option
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    have no idea how to put this theme in my iphone4

    SSH The contents of the "WB themes inside" folder to: Private/var/stash/Themes go into winterboard and select the theme...then respring
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    have no idea how to put this theme in my iphone4

    it doesnt have any weather or anything,so it should be pretty strait forword. just put the files in /var/stash/themes and select in winterboard. im going to download this theme and install with step buy step instructions to follow ASAP. i have to go help a freind set up her new iphone 4...
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    iphone 4 ios 4.2.1 bb 2.10.4 unlock

    with al;l the uk seller that have factory unlocked iphone4 for sale....why oh why do people keep buy a phone they cant use???? my advice....find one unlocked on craigslist/or buy one factory unlocked ....then sell the one you cant currantly use. even for a small lose,it sure would be nice to...