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Yahoo email setup


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Nov 9, 2011
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I have 3 different yahoo email accounts I want to add to my 4S. The first one setup just fine but I can't get the other 2 to work. Last night I found on the forum that when adding the account I needed to pick "Other" and go into the settings and set the pop server info which did allow me to add the accounts to the phone but now both of these say they "Cannot Get Mail" because the username and password are incorrect. I have triple checked and I have them entered correctly. Here is an example of what I have entered and how I presently have it set up,,, Any advice or help would be appreciated.

Pop Account Information
Name: John Confused
Address: johnconfus@yahoo.com
Description: johnconfus

Incoming Mail Server
Host Name:pop.mail.yahoo.com
User Name:johnconfus
Password: password

Outgoing Mail Server
SMTP: smtp.mail.yahoo.com