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Won't hold password in email account - fix


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Sep 1, 2010
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Anderson/Greenville SC
I finally got my white i5 on the 12th. Went through the backup and started to put in the passcodes for the 3 yahoo accounts I have. I was able to get 2 of them in but it would not hold the 3rd no matter what I did. I called Apple support and we spent over 2 hours trying all different fixes but none of them worked. They finally suggested that I return the phone for a new one. Went back to the mall that evening (Christmas traffic!) and exchanged the phone. Before leaving the store I tried to enter the 3 passcodes again and same problem.

They got a genius on the case and we tried some things that didn't work either. Finally another genius came over and told me to delete the account again but when asked what server I wanted, told me that instead of "Yahoo", put in "Other". That did it. 2 Hours with tech support, a second trip to the Apple store, and it was a 2 min fix.

Just putting it out there. My 2¢

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