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Nov 12, 2012
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After I have the Sprint store activated my 5, the next day the Sim lock menu popped up but I just pressed a button (either OK or Unlock I don't remember). The next thing is entering the PIN which I remember that the store asked me about the PIN, so I entered the numbers I came up at the store on the activation day. 3 times passed and it went into the PUK number (which I heard about before) since it says you have 10 trials left so I tried a few with no luck. I then turned it off but later the phone seemed to work fine but with "LockedSim" displayed at the top left of the screen!
I called Sprint and was told to remove the sim and wait 15 mintes and everything should be fine but no such luck. So I called again and was told to go back to the store to unlock it. I went to the store handed them the phone pointing out the word "LockedSim" at the top. They passed the phone along and said they never saw that before! They then said that they have no technicians at the store and I have to go to the main service center. I then called the service center and explained the situations but they immediately told me to go to the Apple store to fix it. So I went to the Apple store, one of the guys who call themselves "genius" looked at it and said that I have to get a new sim from Sprint and I will lose all the contacts and other information I have on the phone! I then asked if I can have a second opinion since I don't want to lose the info I had. He said that he's the best one in the store and went on goggling about the PUK right away. Of course a site says that I have to get the PUK number from the service provider so he told me to take the picture of the screen as a proof for the Sprint service center. Since I saw that the site mentioned the number on the back of the sim, so I asked that genius to look for the numbers. He removed the sim and pointed at the gold plated board and said there's no numbers. I sked him to flip the sim over and see if the number is on the other side but he insisted that the gold plated side is the back side! Off I went to the Sprint service center and the first technician looked at the screen (asking for the PUK #), he said he only heard about it but do NOT know how to fix that but there's a top guy in the back office who can fix that! I then asked if there is a bathroom so that I can use but he told me not to go because it'd take only 5 seconds to fix. I had to wait a good 10 minutes before he came back. So I asked him what's wrong and the answer was sometime you drop the phone and the sim shifted and cause error!!!
Once home I called Sprint to complain but the technician that I talked too was so nice and asked me to remove the sim and read the 2 line numbers for him. Within a couple minutes he came back with both sim PIN and PUK # for me.

Thanks for listening,