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Windows 7 iTunes Has Stopped Working


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Jun 17, 2015
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I am using a HP Laptop running Windows 7 and have installed iTunes 12.1.2. and it does run without my iPhone5S connected. But once I connected my phone to iTunes, I get the following message :

"iTunes has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notifty you if a solution is available."

Here is a screen shot as well -


I have tried all of the following at these links - iPhone iPad or iPod not recognized in iTunes for Windows - Apple Support and Use iTunes to restore your iPhone iPad or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support and Fix unexpected quits or launch issues in iTunes for Windows - Apple Support among others.

How can I fix this problem so I can be able to use iTunes with my phone connected, I need to do a backup and it won't let me. Please help!

J. A.

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Oct 26, 2014
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Apetlon, Austria
Welcome to iPhoneForums, napy666!

If Quicktime is installed on your computer, there might be a problem between iTunes and that application's video settings. Take a look at your QuickTime preferences. The box next to “Enable Direct3D video acceleration” should not be checkmarked. If you need to change a setting, restart your computer and try opening iTunes.

Maybe iTunes uses a language not compatible with Windows. You'll have to check that in iTunes - Preferences - General Preferences - Languages. It's possible to select a different language there as well.

Hope that helps.

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