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Why is Cydia asking to update tweaks I don't have


Sep 19, 2012
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Is this just something to do with advertising or something, I don't have these packages in my Installed list but they show up in my "Changes" tab and when I click "Modify" there is an "Upgrade" option which confuses me.

Flipswitch from BigBoss (System)
libhide from BigBoss (Development)

Thanks in advance
Just upgrade it. The two packages are safe. If you don't have them in your Installed packages list, then an update of another package requires that you install them after a recent update.
Just realized there is a Simple/Expert mode to see what I have installed. Wow I have a lot of things installed. Showing 18 on Simple and 54 on Expert. Is there a way to see or tell what has dependencies? On one of the tweaks I've never heard of it says "This is a developer utility. This package might not be useful for regular users"
It's difficult to find dependency links unless you're using AppInfo which timestamps installed/updated tweak every time you do so. You can install it and look through the packages, which should have a date of when they were installed, and match that date with other tweaks of the nature. Or, if you're unsure altogether, install AppInfo from Cydia, export it to your email and paste it here, and I can tell you what goes with what

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