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Why all the hate on the battery?


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Jun 10, 2013
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Sanger, TX
All the YouTubers keep saying that the iPhone 6's battery life is not good, but I don't see it. Yesterday I did the following: (This is a typical work day for me)

  • Starting at 3:30am by reading email.
  • Then for an hour on my way to work, streamed music.
  • At work played a few games several times during the day.
  • Checked email most of the day.
  • For 10 hours a day my signal at my desk is crap. Usaully 1X, so I have to have the WiFi on.
  • During lunch watched a 40 minute episode of Leverage on NetFlix. (Not on WiFi as work block NetFlix streaming. I am able to maintain a LTE signal in the breakroom all-be-it around -109 dbm.)
  • Streamed music for an hour back home.
  • Went for a 45 minute walk while streaming music.
  • Played a few more games and went to beds around 8pm.

The phone had 49% battery life left when I plugged it in. 49%! My G3 was usually around 10-15% by the end of the day. No. The 6's battery is not horrible. In fact, it's battery life is out-freekin'-standing compared to most other phones that are not Apple. This is astounding when you see that the iPhone 6 has a 1820 mAh battery and the G3 has a 3300 mAh battery! All I can say is that haters gonna hate. Consider me an Apple convert from Android.
No battery issues here. Generally have 30-40% at end of the day. Use it heavily most of the time. And it's a 12 or 13 hour shift for me

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Defo cannot fault battery life, massive improvement , far far longer than my iPhone 5s 64gb,
No battery issues here. It does take a few days for the battery to settle.
and that's what I think he deal is. The testers are taking it out of the box and trying it out that day or the next. They aren't letting it setup. It takes a week to get these batteries "calibrated" so to speak..
They are drama queens wanting to make them self famous then the press picks it up and on it goes wannabe editors grasp the opportunity to bag apple not having a clue about the product. A typical example when according to Apple only 9 users complained about the bending issue so call yet may I ask where are the other 9 million complaints. We have the same in Australia. When the Picts of celebs were published it made top headlines and a so call it editor lambasted apple over iCloud yet he does not own Apple products.
It's the same with the Apple haters on Facebook ect, Most of them have never had an Apple product let alone an iPhone yet they slag iphone off, They join in the trolling even though they haven't a clue what iPhone is like.
If I hear "So what! Android has been doing that for years" one more time I think I'll scream lol.
The widgets do seem to eat battery, but the phones are doing well.

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I have to agree with everyone that the battery life on the iPhone 6 is outstanding. I am coming from being android user for quite sometime and have always shines away from Apple and the iPhone. That said I just switched from a Note 3 and can say that with usage I had with Note 3, my battery life comparable. I think that after a long day my battery is still at 40-50% and that from 5:30 unplugged to about 10:30-11:00 plugging back in.

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Also switching from a G3. It's incredibly reassuring to hear how your battery life is going OP. I use my phone similarly except a lot of texting and Snapchat lol. I have been on Android for 5 years and sick of Google's misuse and pure lack of detail to Android. And the fan boys incessantly whining all the time without ever having held the phones they bash. Just glad to have made the switch even more now
I would have to agree[emoji1]. I sell Samsung, lg and Nokia phones but not Apple as restricted. I get sick and tied of the complaints we get over all these phones. I have tried using a android s5 and frankly found it clunky. Maybe that's me. I have owned every iphone except 5s. And now have a 6 + and totally love it fast, smooth excellent battery life , wifi excellent no issues at all
I will have it, but till now i have my 4S, obviously connected to net wether wifi or 3G what we want?! All day with and arrive at home with 50%? No Way. Every device must drain Power using antena signals. Must have: Power supply at home, car and work.

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No way? 51% when I plugged it in last night after a day that started at 3:30am and ended at 8pm.

Today I'm trying to kill it, or at least see how low I can go. I've watched 3 hours of NetFlix today along with the normal usage up at 3:30am, yada yada. I'm currently at 29%. That's all day use with 3 hours of NetFlix. At least an hour and a half with the brightness all the way up because I was watching NetFlix in the car with the sun shining. (Wifey drove today.) The battery's amazing on this phone. Seriously.