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Which rose gold lighting cable should I buy to match my iPhone?


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Dec 16, 2015
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Iphone's original cable is white and doesn't match the rose gold iPhone. Plus, the quality is so bad and mine is frayed already.

I have done some research and narrow down to a couple of options:
AdamLine(AdamLine | The best Lightning cable you’ll ever need.)
Belkin (MIXIT↑™ Metallic Lightning to USB Cable)
PUR (Pur - lightning cables that matches your rose gold, gold silver or space gray iPhone.)
Happy Plug (Rose Gold Lightning Charge/Sync Cable by Happy Plugs)

Now the question is which one should I buy?
I use the original white charger only, none other
Any officially Apple certified third party charging cords are just as good as those made by Apple and will not cause warranty issues if problems with the iPhone arise.
I just received an extra long cable free of charge for a review I put on Amazon, There's no name so I don't know if its ok to use it.
It charges ok though.
I normally only use Apple cables.
I use Duracell cables. I bought 4 from Costco months ago and they work a treat. About $35 for 4 I seem to remember.