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Griffen's Upcoming Braided Lightning Cables Protect From Fraying and Feature Reversible USB


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
It has most likely happened to all of us, the rubber protector on our iOS Lightning cables ripped and left the innards naked for the entire world to see. This leads to the cables on the inside to start fraying and possibly stop working in the end.

Braided cables have been on the market for a long time from 3rd party manufacturers, but this year Griffin is deciding to add a bit of a twist to its new product. Griffin's upcoming Premium Braided Lightning Cable will not only have extra protection from fraying, but also adds a reversible USB portion on the other end.

Rumors first started last year pre-iPhone 6 launch that Apple would be making the USB portion of its cables reversible. Unfortunately, this has yet to happen. With Griffin's solution, plugging in the USB end to an adapted or a computer USB port will plug in either way, no need in flipping it around to the correct side. The accessory company hasn't yet set a date for when these cables will be released, we're thinking sometime this year, but they are MFi certified, retail at $29.99 and will come in gold, space grey and silver to match our devices.
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