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Where is my Videos / Movie app or other app to watch videos?


Oct 29, 2014
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I think there used to be an app on my iPhone 6 called Videos or Movies or something similar. I was able to use it to watch videos that I synched to my iPhone from iTunes. I was looking for that app today and could not find it. Is it possible that the App was somehow deleted due to a recent iPhone software update? Or am I hallucinating about the existence of this app?

I have added several movies to my iPhone by synching via iTunes, but I cannot find any program that can open up or identify these movies. The movies do not show up in the Photos app either, though there are five old videos displayed in that app.
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There is a Video app. If you didn't delete it, which is possible with iOS 10 installed, it should be on one of your homescreens, or in a folder.

If you deleted it, go to the App Store app, tap the Updated tab and go to Purchased. You should find it and be able to download it there.
I have 10.1.1 and it still has "Videos". Must change in 10.2, good to have a heads up or I might get lost [emoji106]
My iPhone has iOS 10.2 (14C92) installed, but I do not recall deleting the Video app.

I cannot find a Video app in the App Store. A search for “Video” turns out Video Editor Music, Cloud Video Player, Video Editor for YouTube, etc., but not Video. The closest I am finding is Free Video – Offline Video & Music Player

I am in the US. I do not recall seeing the Video app replaced by the TV app. Can the TV app play videos in my library or only purchased content?

I also cannot find my videos anywhere.
The Videos app was never in the App Store as it was part of iOS. Starting in the U.S., the app was removed and replaced with the TV app in iOS 10 as announced by Apple on October 27, 2016.