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what is the fundamental difference between a new IPhone and a refurbished IPhone?


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Oct 29, 2012
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People say before the warranty expires Apple will repair your IPhone in case there are problems, but you will get back a refurbished one with a different part number/ serial number

is it true?

I would like to know if they will give a refurbished IPhone that comes from my originally IPhone or they will give any refurbished IPhone that might come from other people? While it is the official warranty from Apple, do they use brand new electronic components for any parts of the damage?

A lot of people have a negative feeling about a refurbished IPhone, but what is the actual bad thing about a refurbished one ?

If the camera of my IPhone has problems to fix, and the Iphone has little scratch on the screen/case, will they also refurbish my screen/case to a new one?

Thank you