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Does Apple always refurbish?


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Oct 24, 2011
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I brought an iPhone 3GS from abroad that is still under warranty. And found that it has noticeable dust beneath the front screen, which one will not be able to clean away. I plan to sell my phone here in the States. Therefore, receiving an a unopened full set of iPhone, i.e. refurbishment, would be preferred by me.

My question is whether Apple will refurbish or repair this phone. If apple always refurbish iPhones then I will get a refurbished iPhone and if it repairs the phone, I might get a repaired phone so that I would not be able to sell it at a price as high as that of a refurbished one's.
Since your iPhone is still under warranty, just take it to Apple store. With luck, you can get a brand new iPhone 3GS. Apple doesn't fix hardware or pixel/dust defective iDevices, they just change the device for the client. Will it be a refurbish? or a brand new one? That depend on your luck.