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What bands does my phone use?


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Feb 29, 2024
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My cell phone strength is one bar inside but 3 and 4 in the back yard. We are looking at booster amps but I don’t know what bands my phone uses. The importance of this is uncertain to me, but the ads for some of the amplifiers list the bands that the device supports.

Some searches say to dial *3001#12345#* to get those numbers. My phone does not look like any of the examples provided. Searching through what is displayed does not yield any of the expected fields.

This phone is model 11 and the iOS is 17.1.1

Here is the display obtained from that number.


What can be done to determine the bands used? What is the probability that just picking one of the amplifiers will work out well?
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I guess you mean 2g or 5g on the router? If so, with most routers you can view or select which you prefer. 5g is better for “straight connections”, like device is in same room as router, 2g is better for indirect connections, like “all over”. Most likely it’s 2g.
Just as an FYI, my iPhone shows 1 to 2 bars regularly when inside; my condo has too much rebar I guess. With the windows open it goes up to 3 bars, step outside I get full bars. This has been going on since my iphone 4 all those yrs ago. I have no problem getting or receiving calls. I stopped worrying about it and only look now when someone says something like you did.