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Welcome from Cyprus


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Jun 15, 2010
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United Kingdom
The iphone is not official here so its factory unlocked or nothing but its nice to see a iphone 4 forum
Welcome on board site only on line 48 hours if you have any questions just ask and please bee free to post .

Col Australia
Welcome fro Austin, TX!
Thanks :) so it seems most of us here are from america? loved it there hope i can come back soon, i was in miami and new york a few years back. and australia i have a very good friend from there never did get the chance to go yet :D

nice to see a dedicated forum to the iphone 4.
ty brendan:) i shall be here in the uk for the summer, i am glad i came :) all tech things for half the price we have it in cyprus
Re guys ekatafere kanenas na doulepsi facetime pano sto iphone 4 me MTN?
Re guys ekatafere kanenas na doulepsi facetime pano sto iphone 4 me MTN?

oi exw cyta egw alla nmz en to idio prama..

enable it in the settings and it says you may be charged to enable it
Cyprus is an Island that is friendly and offers some of the best weather conditions
in Europe with warm summers, mild winters and around 340 days a year of sunshine.
It has an enormous amount to offer but sadly it's no longer the cheap haven that it use to be.

winter is freezing!! you must be forma cold country to say this lol.. but especially since to adopted the euro everything was priced UP so yes it is not "cheap" any more and you make 10 cents a year working still.. well 4 euros an hour is normal wage but it sucks, thats why i came to the uk to work. i make 2 thousand a month doing nothing lol but taxes takes most of it :D