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    I wanted to create a VoIP client for iPhone. I became fully familiar with all the essential terms concerning iPhone VoIP clients after reading an excellent description.

    iPhone (and iPad as well) is one of the latest and most innovative device of Apple Inc. They run special operating systems like any other Apple devices and they use special tools designed only for them. Apple devices also support Internet connection therefore they are capable for voice over IP communication, too.
    Apple has special developer tools for its devices, therefore program writing is slightly different on these devices so it was not an easy task to create my own VoIP application, but Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK gave me all the background for it on this platform.
    I could fulfill my goals with the help of the basic knowledge about making iPhone/iPad VoIP client solutions provided by the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.
    If you wish to know more then read through this page carefully:
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