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Oct 15, 2010
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im looking for an App that can change your voice during a call. any help?


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Jun 15, 2010
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United Kingdom
New day, new app in Cydia.SpoofApp is an app that allows you to record calls, change your voice when making a call and change the display number when you make a call. There are a few change with the new version of the application. When you open SpoofApp, it will look basically the same. The Recordings option on the lower menu bar has a new icon and the Free Minutes button in the upper right corner has been changed to a Help option. When you open the Settings you will notice that they have changed slightly. Besides having a new look, there is also the option to turn on/off the Keypad Sounds.
The Buy Minutes options has also improved. The cost of the minutes has not changed (prices listed below). You are also still able to get five free minutes.
The app itself functions the same. When you make a call, you get the same options as in the previous version…the ablity to choose a voice and the ability to turn the recording on or off.
The Recording options looks much nicer in this version of SpoofApp. When you go into the Recording option, it looks the same but when you select a recording…the interface is much improved. The only new option is the ability to delete the call and any recording of that call. You are still able to download all call recordings to your computer via spoofcard.com.
I always forget how much I like application until I test it again! It is just so easy to use and seriously funny!

working only in us and canada atm

Spoof App for iPhone – Change Your Voice, Display Number and Record Calls | FSMdotCOM


For using iVoiceChanger, you need to dial a phone number with area code, and then press 1 or 3 on keypad to change the pitch of your voice. However, there is a big downside to this app, that is, it first dials to a remote server, using international number, which means that you will be charged for international call. Expensive prank, huh?

iVoiceChanger can be downloaded from Cydia via BigBoss repo for free

Change your Voice on Phone: iVoiceChanger | iPod Touch Tricks


iPhone Voice Changer

there is three i found on google try see if it suits you any of them


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Sep 4, 2012
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There is a new app in appstore that allows you to change the pitch of your voice in real time during a call (and also inject sound effects to the call) the app is called:
"Call Voice Changer"

They use Voip to make the call so you need to have an internet connection and its not free you have to buy some credit before making a call (they offer 1 minute free)

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