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VLC problem, is this weird or what?


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Jun 18, 2011
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Ok long story somewhat shortened, I had to use VLC to keep all my pre iPhone videos "on the go" with me. Thank you for that VLC!

However I noticed that if I record a new video into my camera roll, sync it to the computer, then load it into VLC, I get the infamous "phone too slow to play video" message. I don't really know why it says this but whatever!

I have found a workaround by syncing all my iPhone movies back to the iPod app videos, and all my previous videos use VLC. while this is extremely annoying, at least I caN watch them all!

I would really like to learn a better way, but that's not why I'm here today...

Here's the deal for you guys, I downloaded Display Recorder, and although it works great, you can't watch the video you recorded without using iFile! you can only delete, or upload to YouTube! No other option!

After a quick google search I was able to find where the app stores the video. Using iFile, with this information I can move it or play it at will.

Ok so let's play it... Click on it, and VLC automatically takes the helm, and the video plays perfectly! Great!

Ok so now let's move it somewhere more accessible...

First I tried into the camera roll, but as you can guess the iPhone doesn't even see the file!

Ok now for the confusing part, let's move it to the VLC folder...

Everything goes smooth, open up VLC and it shows up! However upon trying to play it, I get the "slow phone" message again! WTF?!?!

So stored inside VLC, VLC cant play file for whatever reason, BUT stored outside of VLC, VLC can play it without hitch!

Can anyone fathom a reasonable theory as to why this is so?

Thanks peeps!
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