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VideoLAN Updates VLC App with Apple Watch Support


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Popular open-source media player VLC was updated today with support for the Apple Watch. The update also includes a few new features for the iPhone and iPad companion app.

VLC 2.6 by VideoLAN is a media player that will play almost any type of media file you choose to open with it. Now with the support for WatchKit, users can choose to control media from the wrist without having to pull out a bulky iPhone or iPad.

The VLC interface on the Apple Watch allows users to adjust volume, play next or previous media files, and pause or play files. Using the Apple Watch's Force Touch feature in VLC brings up a hidden menu where users can browse and/or switch between files, music albums, TV shows, and Now Playing.

As for the iPhone and iPad version of the app, users now have support for looping playlists, password-protected PLEX shares and a mini-player to view while browsing other media within the app.

VLC is a free app, which can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.