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Iphone 4G won't play video imported using Apps


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Apr 24, 2011
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Midlands UK
Good afternnon Admin, Mods, and Members,

I happended across your forums quite by chance in search of advice for a problem which seems to have affrected my iPhone 4 since upgrade to latest iOS 4.3.2 - I would be most grateful for any advice in this matter.

I have an Iphone 4G 16GB running the latest iOS 4.3.2, the problem is that I can't play both native and non-native format videos on my iphone using Apps such as Azul Media Player or VLC. Both afore mentioned Apps are supposed to make viewing of native and especially non-native formats such as .mpeg. avi, etc possible, - indeed they DID prior to latest iOS upgrade to 4.3.2

I can import native .mp4 files into iTunes (64-bit) from my Windows 7 Based 64-bit PC, sync to my phone and view films in iPod.
However, if I import .mp4 files into Azul Media Player or VLC using the "Open file" feature from within respective Apps (iTunes > Apps > file sharing) there is a problem, in as much as files are shown as having been successfully imported to the respective App but there's no video thumbnail, countdown timer begins counting down but video won't play back, - even though both Azul and VLC recognise .mp4 file as being a native video format supported by iPhone asking if I want to use native player to open the video, if I chose to open in native video player.

I'm baffled!

Could this be a bug in iOS 4.3.2 which is causing this problem?

I've read many discussion threads where iPhone users are experiencing problems since upgrade to iOS 4.3.2 some of which are video related.

Can anybody shed some light on the likely cause of my issue, and/or offer a fix?

Best regards to all.

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