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  • Hello,

    I have my iPhone5 synched sometimes to iCloud, sometimes to my computer.
    I've found out that my computer in the Users/Usersname/app data/roaming/Apple computer etc.. has a lot of Mobilesync files that take
    a lot of space on my HD. How can I delete those files and their backup as well to reclaim my HD real estate?
    Thank you for any input.
    Since my last post I've found a slightly better work around for the problem of Music sync.
    I start the as usual, and as usual since the last update of iTunes, the sync operation frees at "Choosing track to sync".
    I then stop the sync by clicking on the Red X in the upper left cornber.
    Then start the Sync again. This time it sync the new pieces of music to the iPhone.
    The voice memos are still not synced.
    Since the latest updates of iTunes ( and iOS (5.1) I am annoyed with a bug in the synch between my iPhone and my computer's iTunes.
    Whenever I try to synch, iTunes get unresponsive when it arrives to synch the "Music". It would display "Choosing the tracks to synch" with the bar (with alternate white and gray bands) moving, indicating that it is working, but nothing happens even if I wait the whole night!
    To make a work around, I uncheck the Synch Music box, make the synch which results in erasing all music from my iPhone. Then I check the same box again, make a synch, then it copies all my music from the computer to the iPhone one by one (consider the time involved!). The next time same chores.
    I wonder if this happens to anyone of you. I am using Win7 64 bits.
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