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How do you copy music onto an iPhone?


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Sep 7, 2021
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I want to copy my personal music collection onto my iPhone but when I tried to at the library by connecting the mp3 player and the iPhone to separate USB cables to the Windows computer, it wouldn't let me and later I found out from Apple that there is a restriction where you have to use iTunes. Because I don't have my own computer at home I was wondering if there are any alternatives, and someone at the Apple Store suggested that syncing the mp3s with iTunes may still not allow the playback of the mp3s if they weren't specifically purchased through Apple Music.

So what would be a good alternative way to transfer my music collection onto the iPhone? I tested a web-site in Google Chrome that is a YouTube to mp3 converter called "mp3 juices" that allows you to download audio from YouTube into mp3 files. It worked on iPhone and I was able to import mp3s into a music player app called the Audius Music Player. Since the Audius Music Player works in this way, I suppose I could copy all 12 GB of my music collection onto Google Drive and than download the songs one by one and than import them into the Audius Music Player app but I think this may be rather tedious to click to download on each individual song until I downloaded 12 GB of music. Also the free version of Audius Music Player says it has limits so I don't know if there would be a limitation on the amount of music that can be downloaded.

Would there be a way to save all the music album folders and files into one large zip file and unzip the music files onto the iPhone?

Another suggestion mentioned to me by someone is the VLC media player, but VLC on iPhone requires iTunes to sync the music into VLC media player and so I may want to get away from having to deal with iTunes.

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