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Very strange Skype and Viber's behavior, pls help!


Aug 31, 2011
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Hello guys,
I don't know if someone of you have already experienced this, but I have some strange problems with Skype and Viber.
The core of the problem is that Skype and Viber keep ringing for several seconds after the answer. Skype is worst- for the next 15 seconds after picking up, the phone is still ringing even if I close the app. Viber is better (3-4 sec after picking up). The interesting part is that this occurs only if I do answer on Springboard and NEVER on lockscreen. Once I turn the option "View on Lockscreen" off under notification - everything become in order again, no more ringing when picking up from springboard but I loose the advantage of having lockscreen's notifications.
What can be the reason of this problem?
My phone is 4S, JB and running 5.1.1.