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Using I tunes


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Nov 2, 2010
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Hello all i am a new memeber and had my iphone 4 for a week now and love it my ? is i wanna know how to use i tunes and all it's features is there a link or a video that will give me a step by step on how to use i tunes,i already synced it so sya i have some songs downloaded on my pc and i have them stored in my music folder how do i get them to i tunes and then on my phone,things like that any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.

If you want to sync anything to your iPhone, you first have to add them to iTunes. Just click file then 'add file' or 'add folder to library'. iTunes will automatically recognize the file/s and put them in the correct place in your library then add them to your phone the next time you press sync.

Just make sure you have the correct box ticked in your phones menu in iTunes for what you want to sync...