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Unlocking 4s?


Jul 11, 2010
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Although the title is about unlock, I have another concern. I posted a while back on how to restore my 4s which I know for a fact that it was jailbroken on 4.2.1. Now I check the version and it is 5.1 (9A405), what firmware should I download to restore it on. I'm not confident at all in doing the restore. Why would it be 5.1 when it was on 4.2.1 when I did the jailbreak? Do I still need to do the DFU mode with this restore? thanks
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You'd need to purchase a carrier unlock from your carrier (may be free) or purchase an interposer like the R-SIM or Gevey. Jailbroken or not, it doesn't affect your options or ability to unlock with these 2 options.
I'm sorry I just edit my post, we must've been typing at the same time. Anyway, you gave me a link on how to restore this, but upon checking the numbers above is what I have on my phone.
About the unlock, I called AT&T and they said just restore and it will be unlock, because it's out of contract. The problem is I really not that confident in restoring it the DFU mode, are the numbers above seem normal, considering I jailbroke it on 4.2.1? please help.