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Uber Begins Testing SPOT Service in Seattle


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
I can't even remember the last time I've had to hail or call a cab to pick me up from a location. Services like Uber and Lyft have made it so easy to get picked up with the tap of a button, there's no need to use over-priced cab services.

Whether you've been out for drinks with friends in the city, or located somewhere in a crowded or dark area, sometimes it can be tough finding your Uber ride when it arrives. The transportation network company is now testing a new solution for folks having trouble finding their ride.

Uber announced on Thursday that it will be testing a simple service called SPOT. SPOT is a light bar that can be mounted on an Uber driver's window and changes colors. Folks requesting an Uber can choose which color the light bar should shine, making it easier to find which ride is yours.

"SPOT is the latest experiment in our ongoing effort to make Uber pickups as seamless as possible. When riders and drivers can easily find each other, we’re able to trim down wait times, which is a win for everyone. We hope you’ll have a chance to experience SPOT in the coming weeks."

Embarrassingly enough, I have to admit I've attempted to enter an Uber just to find out it was somebody else's ride. I wouldn't say it was user error, but the fact most Uber drivers can be seen driving Toyota Prius', and hailing one that's the same color as another is bound to happen.

Uber's SPOT service will begin testing in Seattle, with no word whether it will make it to other cities.