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Apple Launches iOS 8.4, Apple Music, Revamped Music App and Beats 1


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Jul 27, 2011
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It's an amazing Tuesday for Apple! They just had a massive release of multiple products and more starting today. First up, Apple just launched new music related products, services and updates. Apple Music is the big launch, and it also includes a newly improved Music App. Apple Music is similar to Apple's former Beats Music. The service allows users to listen to an unlimited amount of music for $9.99 per month or $14.99 on a family plan which supports up to 6 people.

On top of Apple Music, a Beats 1 radio station comes along for the ride. Beats 1 features 24-hour live human-curated music at no added charge. It also includes Apple Music Connect which is a social networking platform for artists to interact with fans and share content.

Even for folks who aren't interested in these awesome Music services from Apple, there's still some exciting news if you own a mobile Apple device. They also launched iOS 8.4 to go with these new services. One of the main changes is the aforementioned upgrade to the Music App. The new design for the Music App includes:
  • Displayed pictures of artists in the Artists view
  • A new MiniPlayer with an enhanced "Now Playing" look
  • Personalized playlists
  • Global search capabilities to make searching in the Music App even easier
  • A streamlined design for the radio to bolster music discovery
There are a few other changes inherent in iOS 8.4, including they following:
  • Apple moved audiobooks from the Music app to the iBooks app
  • There's also a new Audiobooks for CarPlay app, which gives drivers a standalone app dedicated to audiobooks
  • Finally, all books, print, and audio can be found in one convenient spot now
Overall, it's like Apple had a big product launch day without all of the fancy fanfare they are known for. Either way, we can't wait to dive into all of the music related products and updates.
Looks like I know what I'm doing the rest of the day :cool:
Just installed it, I like the new music design.
I like the app icon.
Radio seems to work almost the same way as iTunes Radio did. :)
I can see a complete list of every song in my library listed alphabetically without them being in groups.
oh hell......i had this big long rant going and then i seen what the issue was . the update put my library on artist lookup . i switched it to SONGS and now everything looks normal .
rant over ....my bad
my music icon is on the left though and the connect on the right . did you move yours around or is the screen shot in reverse ?
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It looks the same on my iPhone

It's not possible to move around the tabs.
hhmmm thats odd.... heres mine ,is there a way to get rid of this recently added thing? none of this was recently added .

ps- iphone 4s here
View attachment 21044 hhmmm thats odd.... heres mine ,is there a way to get rid of this recently added thing? none of this was recently added .

ps- iphone 4s here

That's the way mine looks and I have a 5c. So I guess it's all dependent on which phone you have (scifan and J.A. have 6/6+).



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Mine looked different in the screenshot because I had scrolled down the page to fill the screen with the songs list, which put the recently added section out of view.
Here's what it looks like without scrolling first.