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trouble with voice to text

Paul in Toledo

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Mar 21, 2015
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When I try to enter a new event in the calendar using voice to text after a few words the function times out. This only happens when creating calendar events. It does not happen with placing a location in an event or with messages, notes or creating emails. I have powered down and refreshed a few times to no avail.
Welcome to iPhoneForums, Paul!

Here are a few more things to try:

Force close the app where it's not working: double tap the Home button to show the multitask bar, then slide the picture above the app icon towards the top of the screen.

Reset your device. This won't remove data or settings. To reset, press and hold Home and Power button until the Apple logo appears. Let go of both. Your device will power up on it's own.

Go to Settings - General - Keyboard. Disable dictation and enable it again.

Turn on Airplane Mode and disable it after a few seconds.

Reset all Settings in Settings - General - Reset. This will set back all the settings to default, and you'll have to look through the Settings app afterwards to select everything as you prefer it.

Hope that helps.
Is your iPhone up to date? The latest software for iPhone 4s and onwards is iOS 8.2.
I updated to 8.2 a couple of weeks ago, at that time the calendar was operating OK. When I try to enter an event with voice to text the V to T times out at the end of the width of the title space, as if there was no more room in the title area.
If you updated over the air (in Settings - General - Software Update):

Make sure there's a most recent backup, connect your iPhone to iTunes, and restore it that way.

If this doesn't help, contact Apple or visit the next Apple Retail Store.
I did the restore attaching phone to my iMac via USB and restored with itunes. Now strangely enough what is happening is that when i start entering an event with voice to text, just as before, it times out at the end of the line. However if i touch the microphone again it allows me to continue to add to the event and doesn't time out.

That's an improvement though not quite right. I have no trouble with timing out on other apps.

I appreciate your help.
That's better than before. :)

Reset once more, using Home and Power button. Maybe it'll remove the glitch completely.