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Calendar Alerts: the second alert is always moved to the first alert


Mar 26, 2013
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When I set my alerts for an event I entered into the built-in calendar app, I set the first alert to say, 2 days before the event, and the second alert to 1 day before. It always gets reversed when I save it. The first alert shows as 1 day before and the second alert shows as 2 days before. If 2 days before is the second alert, it is beyond two days before and will not be activated because the first alert goes off first and that was changed by the app to 1 day before. The first alert should be earlier than the second alert. This is very annoying. I have to set my second alert to be earlier than my first alert so that it will save as the first alert.

I am using the iPhone 5 and I have the up-to-date iOS. This was happening before iOS update.

Does anyone else have this issue?