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May 27, 2010
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If you are a veteran at using VB to it's fullest, this would be a great area to let some new users know some tips about how to get the best experience out of the site.

My single most important tip is to use the "Active Topics" button up top.

iPhone 4 Forum - Active Topics

This shows the threads with the most recent activity and provides a quick and easy snap-shot as to what is being discussed at this moment.
Dont have the Iphone 4 yet, but I'm collecting feedback on it, being a cautious spender. However, I LOVE Steve Jobs and everything he has a hand in, so it's just gotta be great!
Thanks for the tip Johnny Apple(seed)! I will definitely use the active topics when coming back to the forums.
Thanks for welcoming me. I just bought the iPhone 4. I had the 3G before and I love the new phone.I like all electronic gadgets lol!
Hi Mr Apple :)

I've had my iPhone 4 for about 3 weeks now and am still having problems syncing between the phone and my laptop? I've had my case 'elevated' to a different team at MobileMe but am still without contacts, calendars, music, etc which is VERY frustrating. Is there ANYONE out there that might be able to help? I'm using Outlook 2010 on a Windows 7 Ultimate platform. Thank you.
I synched my iphone 4 with my desk top outlook and it worked fine. My windows 7 on its own reinstalled itself and wiped everything . I had to reinstall outlook and when I connected my phone it wiped my contacts from the phone I manualy put all my contacts in my phone. I am on vacation and wnt to connect to my laptop with an empty cooutlook contacts file. I am afraid to do it and have it wipe my contacts again. Is there any way to back up the phone contacts?
from on the beach at Puerta
wa, it looks so interesting! i like it ~
very happy to meet you here! i want share everything with you