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Thinking about getting my first iPhone coming from Android Looking from advice


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Apr 18, 2014
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centennial, co
Hi all,

I have always been an Android guy, swearing at times that I would never own an iPhone but, with all the bloatware, lack of updates and crashes of Android and some of the system intergradations of iPhone, I have started to look. I'm not worried about moving data or apps, most of that is taken care of by cloud storage or downloading the apple version of the app.

For those that have made the jump from Android to iPhone, what was the hardest thing to get use to? Did it take you awhile to adopt to the new system? Any advice to pass along to someone thinking about making the switch?

Thank you,
It took me a week or two to get used to it. I went 4 years with iphones and just recently switched back to android. It's been two weeks and I regret every moment. My contract renewal is in November and I can't wait to get back to iPhone. You won't regret it. Just give it time to get adjusted and you'll never go back!

~ Beth ~

"Be nice to those you meet on the way up because you will meet them on the way down."
If you're used to swiping when you text and such and rely on that a lot and cannot stand tapping, then it may take a week or so to get used to. Otherwise, you can cover almost all bases within a few hours of tapping to and from. But we're just talking about the iPhone and the iOS itself. iTunes is a completely different story unless you have a Mac, in which case, it's fluidly smooth. If you have a Windows PC, be prepared to get aggravated when trying to get some things working, whereas on Android, it's a simple drag-and-drop. The phone itself is easy to get used to. iTunes not so much.
I am an ex-Android developer who switched to an iPhone 4s when it was released. Today I use iOS exclusively.

I could go into a lengthy explanation, but would rather just give my advice. Make the switch to iOS.. you'll be better off all-around.
I've never used Android. My wife just switched from Blackberry to Android, so I've had a quick look at her Samsung S4 (or something like that). I'm reasonably impressed by the features.

I've been using iPhone for over 3 years. Discounting a brief (and never to be repeated) foray into Windows Phone with a hideous HTC, the iPhone 4 was my first smartphone and I grew to love it. It spawned my demise into the depths of Apple fanboy-ism, being followed by an iPad 2, a Mac (MacBookPro Retina display) and various Apple add-ons.

I recently bought an iPhone 5s, since my contract was way over on the 4. The experience is a major yawn. And that's because it's so familiar, and works so well. Fingerprint sensor aside, everything is what I'm used to. Camera takes photographs, but WHAT PHOTOGRAPHS. The light gathering power of the new camera is incredible compared to the 4. The phone looks good, of course, but I threw it into a LifeProof case at point of sale, so I've never seen it. Everything else is typical Apple; it just works, and that's why I can recommend it. You can learn the system, then get on and use it.
So, last night I picked up my first IPhone, a 6 plus.

It was only a year after my intro post.

I've always been technology savvy and I hate android but love iOS.