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"There is NO Reception Issue"


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Late photo of Steve Jobs emailing people on the iPhone 4 issues

rfbandit, a reader from MacRumors, emailed Steve Jobs about the reception issue with the iPhone 4. He inquired him about giving away free Bumper cases to iPhone 4 owners. In response, he received a message back that makes me wonder if Steve has been taken over by a monkey on a computer(hence the picture above).

The answer to the reception issue is this:


First he tells us to buy Bumpers from Apple and now theres no issue. I guess we will have to wait and see if iOS 4.0.1 rumors are true.

Thanks Steve for your thorough answer!
haha, love the pic :) Can you even imagine how pissed off Steve Jobs must be?
LoL I find it hard to believe Steve would ever respond if that was the best answer he had....... I smell a fake screenshot :p
Reminds me of a Jedi Mind trick...

"There is no issue"

"These aren't the droids your looking for"
It just points more to the idea of 4.0.1 fixing this problem, Which is wonderful news!
Iphone 4g recall rumours in buzz from fake twitter account:

Posted on June 27th, 2010
If you have iphone 4g did you experienced any problem on signals?If you did than you should complain.Launched in Britain last week, the £500 handset has been dogged by technical problems.
The new iPhone was also said to be unsuitable for left-handed people.
Mr Jobs responded about the new iPhone losing its signal by telling users to ‘just avoid holding it in that way’.
Steve Jobs posted on his twitter “We may have to recall the new iPhone. This I did not expect.” Users are now trying to get updates regarding this matter on whether Apple decides to recall the phone or not.The twitter account is fake and it us just a haox.Steve Jobs doesn’t have a Tweeter account. Steve Jobs is a parody account, as is stated clearly on his bio.This rumour is still doing the rounds only because journalists can’t be bothered their sources.That is surley a spoof twitter accoint their is no official recall from Apple enjoy tour nre generation Iphone experiance with 4G.A good way to check on this empirically is to run a speed test several times: Once with your device on a table—away from your body—and once while held in your hand however you normally hold it. And once with the death grip. Give it a try and let us know what happens. Is everything fine or is there a big difference?
Stop beieveing all the fake stories about recall.Thе Apple iPhone 4G comes up wіth ѕοmе mindblowing multimedia аnԁ entertainment features Ɩіkе audio, vidoe player,5 mega pixel camera.Feature-wise, the iPhone 4g has got upgraded feature with 5-megapixel camera with LED flash ensuring you to capture both still shots and videos. Most incredibly, it has also come with attractive features like audio/video player, TV-out, iBooks and lots more.