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The "Anything Goes " Thread.


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Oct 4, 2011
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Hi everyone,
I thought it would be a nice idea to have this thread, The OP Robertic started this on the iPad forum and it has been a huge success, You can talk about anything if it fits in with forum rules, Please keep it clean.
So...... get posting folks....
I'll start it off with this, I was driving back from an antiques fair today and saw a couple sat on the Hard Shoulder having a picnic, Deck chairs out and everything, Would have loved to see what the motorway police made of that, Hilarious lol.
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How so I know when I'm out of invisible ink?
Hi Skimonkey, Enjoy those steaks.
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Mm.. steak. A little A1 sauce, little salt and pepper. Now I'm hungry, lol.
I'm not a big steak eater but it does sound nice.
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What I wouldn't give right now... for a thick & juicy medium rare stake!! Nicely seasoned and seared to lock in all the juice. Mmmm Mmmm! What should we have on the side?!?
Salad? LOL.
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Green beans are good, What about some baby carrots and cauliflower cheese too? mmm.
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Baby carrots would be ok... as long as they're well cooked and tender!! :) Cauliflower... now we're getting back to this rabbit food thing. LOL!!
No cauliflower cheese is tasty and yummy, Not at all like rabbit food, What about a little broccoli then?
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