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The 5 Strangest Ways to Trash an iPhone!


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Jun 18, 2010
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PC Advisor has a really fun feature today about the strangest ways in which people have destroyed their iPhones, according to Aaron Cooper, marketing director at iPhone insurers, Worth Avenue Group, who has revealed some of the weirdest tales of iPhone woe heard from his customers. According to PC Advisor, Cooper says that two-thirds of claims for wrecked iPhones are from three specific categories: liquid damage, cracked screens and theft. Here's Cooper's Top Five Weird Ways to Trash Your iPhone!

  1. Flushing your iPhone down the toilet - Cooper says that this is happening more and more, probably because more people are using their iPhones in the toilet to read books and send texts and so on. He adds that more women than men drop their iPhones down the toilet!
  2. Neglect Due to Excessive Partying - According to Cooper, college kids often lose their iPhones due to too much partying, in all its forms. For example, they might leave it plugged into the stereo a house party only to have it stolen, or it might be stolen from someone who has a little too much to drink at a bar and doesn't notice it's being lifted. Cooper even says that some iPhones arrive at his office in a plastic bag covered in vomit!
  3. Critters Gone Wild! - Cooper suggests that more screens are being shattered now because Apple has stopped selling screen protectors. He says that fitting a screen protector to your iPhone will still afford it more protection from being smashed than not fitting one. He relays one particular tale where it probably wouldn't have made much difference though, where a cat was startled by a vibrating iPhone and swatted it across the room, smashing the screen!
  4. Lift Shafts! - Cooper says that he's had several claims where people have let their iPhone slip through their fingers when standing near a lift, only to see it disappear through the tiny gap between lift and door, all the way down to the bottom of the lift shaft.
  5. Random Acts of Forgetfulness - This is actually about an iPad, not an iPhone, but you get the idea. Cooper says that he had one customer who absent mindedly left her iPad on top of her car and then drove off, sending the iPad crashing and smashing to the tarmac below. When she saw what she'd done and drove back to retrieve it, she accidentally ran over it!
Source: PC Advisor