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Synching with out look


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Nov 24, 2010
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My name is David Wilson new to the forum. I am a semi retired Marine Surveyor. 74. I think I posted this question but I am not sure. I synched my iphone 4 with my laptop through itunes. It worked fine and my phone contacts synched with my desk top win 7. Office 2007. My win 7 decided to reinstall itself and in the process wiped all my programs. I had to reinstall office 2007 and the outlook contacts was empty. When I synched my phone it wiped my phone contacts. Now I am in Mexico and I am hesitant to synch my phone to my laptop that has an empty outlook contacts for fear it will wipe my contacts from my phone. Is there any way to backup what is in my phone in case outlook wipes it out. I was wondering if adding a few contacts to outlook so it would not ne empty during the synch? My phone seems to start synching when I first connect to the computer so I have no chance to deselect the outlook contacts.
When your phone starts to sync you can cancel it by sliding the slider across as if you were to unlock it. This will allow you to untick the box that syncs your contacts so you can at least sync other important stuff...