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Sync problems


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Mar 20, 2011
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I have a problem with synchronizing pictures from my pc to iphone 4.

OS: Windows 7
Iphone SW: 4.3

I tried to sync from folder and also adobe photoshop album

You can see it syncronizing and actually copying the pictures, but when i check my folder on the iphone it doesnt show them.
The count of total pictures on my iphone in general settings increases after the sync.

Does anyone know whats going on here? are they being stored elsewhere or something??
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Yikes, just as I was interested in FINALLY using iTunes for transferring photos from the PC to the iPhone, I read your message. Your mesage puts me back months ago when I cursed iTunes more than ever for its nebulous synching crap. In fact, I'm not all that sure exactly what "synching" means anymore! Apparently neither do thousands of others who have used iTunes to their hazard.

Whew.... that felt good!
Highly annoying indeed...
I pretty much tried everything, its just stupid
They should be in your pictures. In an album the same name as the folder you've synced from your PC.

Can think of a reason why they wouldn't show up...
Highly annoying indeed...
I pretty much tried everything, its just stupid

Agree! I went to iTunes yesterday just to see how I could transfer photos between my PC and the iPhone. I saw what seemed logical to do, but then I saw that "SYNCH" button in the lower right hand corner and that stopped me dead. The last time I synched something I lost everything. I don't even know if I wish to "synch" photos whether that will affect just my photos on the iPhone or everything else!

What you might consider is finding an app in the Apple Store that will do photo transfers for you without having to use the idiocy of iTunes. If you find an app that can do this, please post it!