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Still Rocking iOS 6: Update Questi


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Oct 23, 2014
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So on my iPhone 4S I'm going strong with my jail broken iOS 6.1.3, but now I'm thinking about upgrading because a lot of apps now won't let me update them or a lot of new apps I can't download at all. So I want to go to iOS 7 because its jail broken. Can I still update to iOS 7 or does apple force me to jump all the way to iOS 8? What are my options here? I didn't want to go to iOS 7 for a long time because of the jail break issue and then when it was available, I didn't want any performance issues because my iPhone runs great and fast with no problems so why fix something that's not broken ya know but now I feel like I'm forced to do something about it. So what to do....and how to go about it.....
The only iOS you can update your iPhone 4S to is iOS 8.1. It's jailbreakable ... mostly (there are still issues with the jailbreak and we are waiting for a more user-friendly tool).

Unfortunately, you've completely missed iOS 7. So, it's either stay where you are at or go to iOS 8.

There is no way that someone has like the image file or whatever it's called with apple and I can just use it? I was on android before this phone and I could flash any version of an os really, I guess it doesn't work that way with iPhones huh?
No it doesn't. Once you upgrade, you can't downgrade to the previous iOS version as Apple has stopped signing it. This results, a few months after the latest iOS update is released, in the vast majority of users running the latest operating system which makes it easier for app developers as that don't have to optimize their apps for many different iOS versions.
Yea but I'm not trying to go down, I wanna go up lol
OK, then.
When upgrading, you can only upgrade to the latest iOS version, even if your current iOS version is several updates behind the current iOS version. For example, if you were on iOS 6.1.2 and wanted to upgrade, you could only upgrade to iOS 8.1 not to any of the intermediate iOS versions.
Ok I gotcha, so wuts the deal with jail breaking iOS 8? Can it be done? What's everyone doing right now?
Ok I gotcha, so wuts the deal with jail breaking iOS 8? Can it be done? What's everyone doing right now?

Yes, iOS 8.1 is jailbreak-able. And yes, I have done it on my iPhone 6. Works fine, simple and essential stuff like Activator and Virtual home (Touch ID tweak) are running great.
But, you're on the 4S. I strongly recommend NOT to upgrade. You won't love the speed difference at all. iOS 6 is perfect for iPhone 4S. You can try using the older versions of the applications that no longer support the iOS 6. The choice is yours. If you want the latest, go for it. Its a huge change from iOS 6. Cheers! :)